News Roundup, #May1Windsor 2013

Below are links to media coverage of this year’s living museum. If there’s an article, photo gallery, or video that’s not listed, please put it in the comments below so an admin can add it.

“May Day parade brings labour history to life” – The Windsor Star

“‘Living museum’ planned for May Day in Windsor” – Metro

“Unions celebrate May Day” – Blackburn News

“Windsor prepares for May Day; living museum remains a main attraction” – The Lance

“Annual event celebrates labour movement” -The Windsor Star

“Drouillard Road, labour history focus of this year’s May Day tour” – The Windsor Star

“Worldwide Actions Vigorously Affirm Rights and Reject Neo-Liberal Exploitation” – The Marxist-Leninist Weekly

CTV Windsor, News at 6pm, May 1 (13:20 minutes in)

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