Press release: May Day 2013 celebrates with a “Living Museum” of labour history

For immediate release,

May 1st, 2013

[Windsor, ON] – This year, Windsor is celebrating International Workers’ Day with a twist—instead of the usual march downtown, city residents are invited to historic Drouillard Rd. to take a guided tour through a “Living Museum” of labour history. Starting at 5pm on Wednesday, May 1st, people will gather at Riverside Dr. E and Drouillard Rd. for tableaux and presentations of famous worker events, such as the Ford strike of 1945.

“In this city, we have a very rich labour history,” said Melisa Larue, a social advocate and member of the May Day Organizing Committee. “So few people realize that right here in Windsor people fought for the rights and standard of living that we enjoy today. We should be celebrating those victories, not letting them fade from memory.”

The “Living Museum” will be made up of a variety of community groups performing re-enactments or skits of historical events and labour struggles. People will dress up in period clothing to recite famous speeches, carry picket signs as they re-create illustrious strikes, or sing songs as they’re arrested fighting for free speech. The May Day host will lead people down Drouillard Rd. as each group performs their prepared scene.

Following the skits, people will be invited to Banja Luka restaurant for open-mic entertainment. A buffet dinner will be available for $13.

The May Day Organizing Committee is an informal, volunteer committee of workers, activists, and citizens who come together each year to plan Windsor’s annual May Day celebration.


Media Contact:

Ian Clough || may1windsor at

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