May Day Windsor 2012: Stop Harper

It’s not just about Harper, let’s be clear about that. It’s about McGuinty too, and Francis. It’s about all the politicians and parliamentarians who won’t stand up for their constituents who elected them. It’s about a system that allows a majority government rule over us with consent of only 24.3% of those eligible to vote. It’s about opposition parties who side with the government on important issues like war and the G20.

But Harper, him and his Conservatives, are at the centre of this. His attack on women, aboriginal peoples, the environment, unions, the working class, pensions, Canadian “democracy,” NGOs, activists, dissent…these attacks are driving down not only our quality of life but our very identity as Canadians. Canada is no longer seen on the global stage as a peace-loving, environmentally-aware, people-friendly state but this war-hungry, corporate beast. And this, in a large part, is because of Harper himself and the way he represents Canada.

In Windsor especially, we are seeing the effects of the Conservative government and the austerity agenda being repeated by the provincial and municipal governments. We have the highest unemployment rate in country, and the quality of employment by those who do have jobs is often significantly lower than the work they had before 2008. The social services which many people increasing rely on are being cut more and more. Education is under attack, with budget cuts at all levels, making it even more difficult for the next generation of Canadians to build a cooperative, informed, and socially-aware society, and halting middle-aged Canadians from the retraining they need to be competitive in today’s job market.

May Day will not be the end of the Harper regime or the ideals he represents: the struggle will continue. Nor will it be the beginning: more groups than I can list here have been fighting and will continue to fight for change long after May 1st. But it is a step along the path of resistance and also a celebration of the communities that we live in and continue to build. On May 1st, we shall collectively come together and reject Harper’s agenda and build towards a better society.

By Ian

This has been an anti-corporate memo from the May Day Agitation Committee

If you’d like to post an article, manifesto, poem, or anything about May Day to this website, contact the May Day Communications Committee at may1windsor at

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